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Waxed Canvas & Leather Bags + Other Durable Goods

Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Totes, Market Bags, Wallets and other Stuff


Hello There

Welcome to 1820 Bag Co. 

Here you'll find a collection of handcrafted waxed canvas,  leather bags and other goods, sourced from materials made in the USA.  Each of our items are design and handcraft in our Fort Lauderdale, FL studio. 

The story behind our business is a simple one.  

I needed a bag and couldn’t find one that wasn't shipped from overseas or poorly and cheaply made.  I had an old White sewing machine that traveled with me since college.  While he wasn't much, he was made out of all metal parts and had the ability to sew 6 types of stitches.  He sat idly on a shelf for most of that journey, until one day I decided to make a bag that was durable and well constructed.