Ireland and the Wax Canvas & Leather Daypack

Throughout our trip to Ireland, we carry our waxed canvas and leather daypack everywhere.  It held a travel guide, our daily itinerary, large water bottle, iPad, phone charger, wallet, sunglass case and perhaps a found whiskey 🥃 bottle or two 😬
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The Right Bag for those with Wanderlust

It's no secret that road trips and getting on a plane to just go has always been mostly dreams and a little bit reality for us.  During some of our travel, I have been wandering (😬) for those with wanderlust, what is the right bag to take when the whim over takes you? 

Obviously a weekend bag for short trips, but what do you take for your daily carryall?  A tote bag, crossbody bag or a backpack?  Durability and functionality are important, for me handsfree is a must, but something also small and compact, especially if your wanderlust involves tons of walking or hiking. 

Waxed Canvas & Leather Daypack - GreenSo we've been working on a smaller daypack to take on our next trip....(🇮🇪 😉).   Since we expect to do a lot outdoor activities and Ireland is known for that occasional rain, we decided used waxed canvas, leather and Cordura lining for the interior to keep our stuff dry. We added a zippered pocket under the flap and included lots of pockets on the inside to keep things organized.  Gonna test it out our Daypack prototype and then make some tweaks for the next’s compact, but still large enough for rain gear, 💧, 🕶, and a few Euros.

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