Ireland and the Wax Canvas & Leather Daypack

First off, if you have never been to Ireland, stop what you are doing and go to Ireland.  Ireland, the people, the food, the history, the singing...words cannot describe how truly wonderful it is. 

Waxed Canvas & Leather Daypack @ Giant's Causeway

We drove along the eastern side of Ireland, we hung in Dublin for a few days, discovered a ukulele club playing near the Temple Bar area, drank a fresh Guinness while at the Guinness Storehouse, drove along the beautiful landscape of the Boyne Valley, up to Belfast and the Giant's Causeway, back down to the Kilkenny area and then back up to Dublin for our flight back to Miami.  Along the way there were castles, ruins, museums, restaurants, a perhaps a few bars 🍻and distillery tour (or 3) 🥃too...

Waxed Canvas & Leather Daypack @ Trinity College

Throughout our trip, we carry our daypack everywhere.  It carried a travel guide, our daily itinerary, large water bottle, rain jacket, phone charger, wallet, sunglass case and perhaps a found whiskey 🥃 bottle or two 😬.  The great thing about carrying it all week was it gave me some additional ideas on some tweaks and changes.  We never did get a chance to test the water resistance capabilities as you can see by the photos the sun was out everyday and we never saw a drop of rain 😎. 









Waxed Canvas & Leather Daypack @ Walsh's Distillery


Waxed Cavas & Leather Daypack @ Kilmainham Gaol

While we only explored the eastern coast of Ireland, we are counting the days until we return again to explore the rest of Ireland.




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