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Around the Studio

Today's view ☹️ missing the FL Keys already, back to work. Gotta pay for all that awesome artwork. Working on a small batch of satchel bags in beige waxed canvas. Sunday is no fun day. Studio Life....

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Satchel Bag - Part II

The Satchel Bag in a red waxed sailcloth canvas with a beige duck canvas interior.  

Prototype # 2.

While the Leather strap will need to be shorten....

😬 little less beer this time...


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Satchel Bag

it's been a few years since we made the small cross body satchel bags, so last week we thought we would take a break from production and use some of the waxed salilcloth in red and get creative again...

Typically our "prototypes" only require a few tweaks afterwards, but with our first sample, we're  thinking the flap needs to be longer (and not sewn on incorrectly).

Okay, so the first one didn't work as well, but we'll swear it was the beer...

When 🍺🍺beer and sewing don't mix...

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Bag Interiors

The interiors of our bags are made with a 10oz duck canvas, while great for strength and durably, it doesn't always lend itself to be easily manipulated during bag construction.  How the interior zipper lays flat has been on our minds lately, so we decided it was time for some change. 

Previously, we used the cut out method, but decided we would build sections around the zipper...and while this adds more pieces to the overall interior, we're thinking this is the way to go.....

1820 Messenger Bag Interiors

Another exciting night at the 1820 Bag Co Studio...


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The Summer is not over yet Sale - Summer 2016

As August draws to a close, we refuse to let go of Summer.   So we are having a Summer is not over yet Sale. 15% off selected totes.   Find our sale Here

1820 Bag Co Summer 2016 Sale

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