Messenger Bag

Bag Interiors

The interiors of our bags are made with a 10oz duck canvas, while great for strength and durably, it doesn't always lend itself to be easily manipulated during bag construction.  How the interior zipper lays flat has been on our minds lately, so we decided it was time for some change. 

Previously, we used the cut out method, but decided we would build sections around the zipper...and while this adds more pieces to the overall interior, we're thinking this is the way to go.....

1820 Messenger Bag Interiors

Another exciting night at the 1820 Bag Co Studio...


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Gray Waxed Canvas Field Messenger Bag - New in the Shop

We are very excited about our new Men's Gray Waxed Canvas Messenger Bags. Made with a strong heavy weight waxed canvas fabric in a gray for the exterior and an interior lined with duck canvas in natural.   

Men's Gray Waxed Field Messenger Bag

Men's Gray Waxed Canvas Field Messenger BagBoth the Gray Waxed Canvas Field Messenger Bag with Black Leather Wide Straps and the Gray Waxed Canvas Field Messenger Bag with Black Leather Thin Straps are now available in the Shop. 

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Sneak Peek - Waxed Canvas Field Messenger in Gray

Our latest project include a field messenger bag in gray waxed canvas with black leather straps.   We recently began sourcing waxed canvas from a distributor of the high quality Martexin original wax canvas which has been produced since 1930 and are excited about the turnout.  

Gray Waxed Canvas Field Messenger Bag Preview


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The Tale of Two Waxed Canvas Field Messenger Bags

Men's Waxed Canvas Messenger Field BagThis is a post about two Waxed Canvas Field bags.  While so many of you have raved about our little field bag, we couldn't help ourselves.  We decided to change the exterior design of our Men's Waxed Canvas Messenger Field Bag, by adding some additional detail to the flap.  Still made with a waxed canvas that is water repellent and duck canvas interior, making it great for short hikes or for everyday. 

If you still like the original, you can still find it here

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Behind the Scenes - Hot Wax and Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

There is a lot of anticipation when painting hot wax onto a fabric canvas, you never know what will be revealed until the wax has been infused into the fabric.  
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